The Camera Locator

Make money or start a career locating old, rare, collectible, professional and contemporary cameras! Only $10.00 investment of your money for downloading the information explaining what cameras to look for and which ones are in great demand. If you enjoy going to ANTIQUE MALLS, FLEA MARKETS, YARD SALES, AUCTIONS, PAWN SHOPS, THRIFT STORES, ESTATE SALES, TRADE SHOWS, AND CAMERA SHOPS this is a great opportunity for you. No major investment because all you do is locate the cameras, we will do the buying. If you want to make some serious money and tired of getting jacked around by false advertisements, please send $10.00 for an internet access code or for a paper copy add $2.00 to cover shipping & handling.
Money Back Guarantee, if not completely satisfied.

Mail to: Hope Camera Brokerage - P.O. Box 1366 - Montgomery, Alabama 36102-1366